Our Story

With our venture Timeless Artisans, we bring together an ever-increasing community of artists, students and entrepreneurs, who are passionate and want to rediscover traditional art for contemporary fashion.

Timeless Artisans is an unique initiative by Saffron Earth Pvt. Ltd. that takes you to the grass root level to understand the genesis of art and fashion.

It was our travels in the subcontinent of India, which inspired us to create Timeless Artisans. We have found uncountable treasures scattered all over the country in hundreds of fine art forms. Timeless Artisans tours are an endeavor to share these treasure with the world.

Our Vision

It is a fervent vision of the founders to empower both the artisans and the participants of this educational tour.

While on the one hand, we wish to preserve the art and craft traditions, giving the artisans visibility, encouragement and economic benefits; on the other hand, we want to spread the importance of going natural, opening the minds of the participants (be it students, artists, designers, collectors or collaborators), unleashing their creativity and motivating them to become entrepreneurs, while imbibing them with knowledge that will stay with them for life.

Why Timeless Artisans?

Travel with us and learn the various enduring textile arts & handicrafts of India

India offers a huge plethora of peculiar and nuanced forms of art and craftsmanship. Just like one can experience the difference in seasons from the dry desert soils of Rajasthan to the mountainous snow bound Himalayas as one moves from one state to another we can see a cultural shift as well. With the multitude of these diverse and varied cultures we also get to witness really ancient, ethnic and traditional folk arts and craftsmanship. It actually becomes difficult and ineffable to explain the abundance of these beautiful art forms we can find on the soils of the Indian sub-continent. There’s an abundance of creative inspiration that can be found here and with the contemporary design where we see a beautiful marriage between the traditional with the modern; Indian art can cater to contemporary designers to fuse the best of the east with the best of the west to create the most beautiful works of art.


Travel with us and learn the various enduring textile arts & handicrafts of India

Where teaching is not a profession but a tradition. It’s a symphony of creativity, knowledge and exploration. When in-depth knowledge of the subject is provided, skills are honed and the right exposure is given, that is when a designer is born. At LéMark Institute of Art, this has been our way of giving out the best of designers to fashion, jewellery and the textile industry. Journeying with élan has enabled us to stay ahead in the dynamic fields of Fashion, Jewellery and Textile Designing. Our extensive knowledge of the Indian handicrafts, Indian traditional textiles, textile technology and design, jewellery design and a lot more has enabled us to be one of the most preferred institutes in Mumbai, India.

Our Team

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