Date of Posting: 22 January 2017
Posted By: Gloria Manriques
Date of Posting: 22 January 2017
Posted By: Miguel Gardetti
Date of Posting: 22 January 2017
Posted By: Kim Tobin

It was a very inspiring and intresting experience. It opened a whole new world for people like me to explore. I highly recommend this tour to anyone.

Date of Posting: June 12, 2015
Posted By: Martina jacob

It was a glorious trip, with fabulous bright clors, miles of beauty scenery, exotic aromas and fresh and flavorful food. The guides were excellent and made the trip very enjoyable.

Date of Posting: June 10, 2015
Posted By: Maddison Shearston

It was a great balance of history, culture and contemporary textiles. I have been to a number of art and craft tours but none has mapped them in this manner. I feel great! It was a dream vacation for me. I would do it again.

Date of Posting: June 5, 2015
Posted By: Aiden Buggy

In no other country have I seen such variety of craft as produced in India. Taking forward the whole cultural experience by being able to interact and practice alongside the local artisans.

Date of Posting: June 7, 2015
Posted By: Elizabeth Heartly


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