Our Story

Knowledge comes with Experience; Experience with time…. About 2 decades in Fashion Industry, has helped us grow and shine.

Fashion, Textile & Jewellery Design has been our Genre of expertise, since we took off catering to students world over. Le Mark, having earnest industry connects & our own passion & experience of travelling through the length & breadth of our native motherland has helped us add each of our jewels carefully to our Empire. The love for Art & Culture deeply rooted in our veins made it easier to make a family of over 400 skilled artisans all over India.

Our Vision

It is a fervent vision of the founders to empower both the artisans and the participants of this educational tour.

While on the one hand, we wish to preserve the art and craft traditions, giving the artisans visibility, encouragement and economic benefits; on the other hand, we want to spread the importance of going natural, opening the minds of the participants (be it students, artists, designers, collectors or collaborators), unleashing their creativity and motivating them to become entrepreneurs, while imbibing them with knowledge that will stay with them for life.

Why Timeless Artisans?

Travel with us and learn the various enduring textile arts & handicrafts of India.

India offers a huge plethora of peculiar and nuanced forms of art and craftsmanship. Just like one can experience the difference in seasons from the dry desert soils of Rajasthan to the mountainous snow bound Himalayas as one moves from one state to another we can see a cultural shift as well. With the multitude of these diverse and varied cultures we also get to witness really ancient, ethnic and traditional folk arts and craftsmanship. It actually becomes difficult and ineffable to explain the abundance of these beautiful art forms we can find on the soils of the Indian sub-continent. There’s an abundance of creative inspiration that can be found here and with the contemporary design where we see a beautiful marriage between the traditional with the modern; Indian art can cater to contemporary designers to fuse the best of the east with the best of the west to create the most beautiful works of art.


LéMark has established itself as one of the leading institutes in India in the disciplines of Fashion, Jewelry and textile, LéMark is characterized by its commitment to educational initiatives where students and professors combine cutting edge technologies with contemporary design and artistic concepts.
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Our Team


Director + Knowledge

With over 12 years of experience in fashion and textile education, Samira is the principal architect for “Timeless Artisans” Tours. Based in Mumbai, Samira holds a Master's degree in Textile Designing. She travels to every corner of India to imbibe art and culture which she can infuse in her creativity.
Email : samira@timelessartisans.com


Director + Strategy

An MBA in Marketing, Sagar brings his expertise in marketing, management and operations to the table. Combining his zest for arts and craft with photography, Sagar travels the globe, and also the remotest corners to discover beautiful creations of nature and man.
Email : sagar@timelessartisans.com


Director + Leadership

With rich experience from manufacturing and trading in fashion apparels, Manish brings forth his business acumen for seamless functioning of the institute. As one of the founders, Manish is an incredible blend of a creative mind and sharp entrepreneurship.
Email :


Director + Management

Mukti, holds a Graduate Diploma in Commerce with over 5 years of experience in Operations and Accounting. As one of the cornerstones of the institute, she proficiently manages the business operations.
Email :


Business Developement Manager Australia - Asia Pacific

Phone :
+61 410 353 004
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