06 Nov

Why India? Why Timeless Artisans?

Why India?

The Indian ancient style of draping a “saree”, had evolved during the Indus Valley civilization, which has been inherited and carried forward till today. The term “Cultural Fashion” has been derived from India. India has been a Mecca of inspiration. From Banarasi saris to Zardozi, Indian embroidery is world famous. India or Indian-inspired baroque, embroidery and prints have been a recurring theme on the international runways for icons. Chanel had various outfits last year which looked like salwaar kameez in the same way Hermes has made saris inspired by Indian culture.

India has a diverse past — from various periods and places in our history. Furthermore this past sings with a rich bourgeoisie-like taste for expensive fabric and intricate craft work. India has been inspiring the world fashion industry for quite some time now. Culturally and historically India has magnificently drew global attention. Brands position themselves in the luxury market and use the richness of Indian heritage craft.

Why Timeless Artisans?

The clear vision to the flag bearers of the glorious Indian art and culture through a continued engagement, between India and modern world market makes it successful. The objective is to relive the ethical culture in India. This makes India as well as Timeless Artisans a better place to educate and live the textile art .