Terms And Conditions

  1. Booking
  2. SAFFRON EARTH PRIVATE LIMITED (“Company”) requires a completed and signed booking form along with the copy of bio-data page of passport and a per person deposit of 25% of the total tour price. Depending on the nature of the tour a larger deposit may be required. Full payment is required at the time of booking if this is made less than 10 weeks before departure. The person who signs the booking form on behalf of a group warrants that he or she has full authority to do so on behalf of each person whose name appears thereon, and confirms that all such persons are fully aware of and accept the terms and conditions. A booking is accepted from the date the Company issues a confirmation invoice, and it is at this point that the contract comes into existence. This is applicable for clients who book online, in person, by post, by e-mail, by telephone or by facsimile. The Company reserves the right to decline any booking at its discretion. 

  3. Passport & Visa
  4. All travelers must be in possession of a valid passport. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the duration of the trip. It is the individual’sresponsibility to ensure that you are in possession of the correct visas, permits and certificates. The Company is not responsible if you are refused entry to a country because you lack the correct visa, passport or other travel documents. 

  5. Spelling of names & Documents
  6. Please ensure that the spelling of all names is correct and match the details exactly as shown on your passport(s). It is your responsibility to advise us of the correct information at the time of booking, as you will incur substantial costs to amend the details at a later stage if the information you supplied was incorrect. 

  7. Price
  8. All prices are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice. The price is only guaranteed once a deposit is made. Please note that the prices quoted are subject to change. Price changes may occur by reason of matters outside the control of the Company, which increases the cost of the product or service. 

  9. Deposits & Payments
  10. Deposit of 25% of the tour fee is due at the time of booking. The deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.
    Final payment is due 90 days before departure.
    Failure to make the final payment by the due date may result in cancellation of your booking and loss of deposit.
    Bank charges, if any, for remittance (by remitting bank or by intermediary bank) would be borne by payer. 

  11. Policy regarding cancellation / No Show / Early Departure a) Cancellation by You – Cancellation charges will be applied as shown below, calculated from the day written notification is received by Saffron Earth Pvt. Ltd.
    In addition to cancellation fees, airlines, hotels and other third parties may impose up to 100% cancellation charges.

    60Days or more 25% of tour cost
    59 – 45 Days 50% of tour cost
    44Days or Less 100% of tour cost

    Travel insurance is compulsory to participate in Timeless artisan tours. Evidence of cover must be provided 30 days before the tour date. 
    In addition to the above, cancellation charges may apply for additional arrangements booked by Saffron Earth Pvt. Ltd.such as air tickets, hotels and other services booked. If the reason for cancellation is covered by your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges. 

  12. b) Cancellation by Us – We reserve the right to cancel a tour for any reason (such as failure to reach minimum tour participant numbers). Except for force majeure, we will not cancel a tour less than 60 days before departure. No further compensation will be paid in the event of cancellation. A full refund of monies paid for tour costs will be the full extent of the Company’s liability.
    Cancellation and/or amendment fees or 100% cancellation charge may apply for additional services and travel arrangements booked by the Company. 

  13. Refund
  14. In regards to refund of unused/unutilized product or services (which are paid for and cancelled in advance) the refund amount would be worked out on the basis of cancellation policy mentioned above and the money would be accordingly refunded to the person who has made the payment to us. Please note that the refund process may take up to 6-8 weeks from the tour completion date. Any bank charges or other charges if applicable would be deducted from the refund amount. 

  15. Vaccination
  16. It is your responsibility to obtain necessary inoculations and preventative medicines as may be required for the duration of the tour. Please consult your local physician or doctor for information about vaccination. 

  17. Itinerary Changes
  18. From time to time, ground agents/tour directors of the Company may have to amend your itinerary. This could include changes to the order of activities and, in some extreme cases, have to exclude a visit to a particular site. This is largely due to the need to accommodate local conditions, such as increased ground security around places of interest such as forts, palaces, temples, museums and markets, among others. Where this information is made available to us in good time, we will advise you prior to your departure. However, the security arrangements and closure of monuments around important public holidays such as Republic Day or festivals such as Holi or any other do vary from one season to another and the details are only made available at short notice. Equally if your tour to a city or a town coincides with the visit of a head of state of another country, please do expect changes such as additional security around the airport and other public places. Your tour director may advise any changes to your itinerary in advance. 

  19. Your health & Travel Insurance
  20. You are personally responsible for ensuring your general health and fitness is sufficient for your planned journey and it is mandatory you hold adequate comprehensive travel and health insurance before you pay your final balance. We strongly recommend you consult your personal doctor or medical center at least 6 weeks before departure for advice on vaccinations and medications. Travel insurance is compulsory on all Timeless Artisans tours and must be taken out to be able to travel. 

    We strongly recommend it cover’s cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects. You are required to provide proof of your insurance. You will not be able to join the tour without travel and medical insurance. 

  21. Flight delay & Cancelation
  22. Unfortunately, due to the increase in air traffic, government restrictions and changing weather conditions, there are chances of flight delays and cancellations. These delays and cancellations can cause problems with onward connections and/or hotel and travel arrangements and, while the airline will sometimes make alternative arrangements to get you to your next destination at no extra costs, additional costs may be involved for accommodation in the event of an overnight cancellation and also after your arrival at your next destination. These may be in the form of additional accommodation costs, transfers and onward travel. It is important that your insurance covers you against the cost incurred as a result of cancellation or delay to your flight. Unfortunately, since most services are paid in advance, any services missed due to delays are non-refundable. 

    Most tours use special airline fares, which normally restrict changes of date, route and airline. Any such changes made after a ticket has been issued will normally necessitate the purchase of a newticket at your expense. 

  23. Travel Advice / Safety Standards
  24. We recommend you contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for travel advice specific to travel to India, including travel safety alert levels. The safety standards of INDIA will be applicable and not the safety standards applicable in your country of origin. As a general rule, these requirements and standards will not be the same as your country of origin and often may be lower in standard. 

  25. Fitness & Participation
  26. Most of the Company’s tours require a MODERATE level of fitness. However, in certain destinations or in certain seasons or because of the nature of travel (e.g. remote rail), certain tours will require an ABOVE AVERAGE or CHALLENGING level of fitness. 

    If you (or we) have any doubts about your level of fitness, you may be required to have a doctor’s appraisal. This would require your doctor to read the itinerary of your chosen tour, including the fitness level, and provide you (and us), with a written confirmation of your ability to participate. 

    For the overall benefit of the group, all tour members must possesa moderate level of mobility including the ability to: 
    • Negotiate airports and railway stations without wheelchair assistance
    • Use combined shower/bath facilities (It is not possible to guarantee walk-in shower facilities)
    • Undertake walking tour of 1-2 hours duration, including using stairs, walking over cobblestones andother uneven surfaces
    • Stand for long periods in museums and other sites
    • Embark / disembark coaches, trains and other methods of transportation without assistance
    • Handle your own luggage
    • Be able to do the road journey for a continuous period of 4-5 hours.

    Inadditionto the above, tour members must also be able to:
    • Undertake walking tours of 2-3 hours
    • Climb staircases of 100 ormore steps

    Inadditionto the above, the tour member must also be able to:
    • Handle extremes of temperature (e.g. below 0 or above 35 degrees)
    • Handle extremes of altitudes (e.g. 4000 metres and above)

  27. Special requirement
  28. Should you have any special requirements, such as specific meals, seating requirements, room type or disables access, please inform at time of booking. Additional services like language translator, single supplement for accommodation, local mobile service with Internet etc. can be arranged at an additional cost. You need to request at the time of booking. All meals provided throughout the tour will be vegetarian. 

  29. Luggage
  30. Porterage of 2 pieces of baggage per person. In India, domestic flights allow 15kg of luggage in economy class. All limits are strictly enforced, and charges for overweight baggage can be substantial. Occasionally some domestic airlines refuse to carry overweight luggage and even payment of excessbaggage fees does not guarantee transport. 

  31. Photography & Videos
  32. Wereserves the right to take photographs and videos during the tour. We hold the right to use the photos and videos taken during the tour in all the marketing and promotional material of the Company. 

  33. Errors & Omissions
  34. The Company has made every effort to verify the accuracy of statement made in the tour documentation including brochures, website and itinerary; we cannot be held responsible for any error, omission or unintentional misrepresentation that may occur. 

  35. Complaints
  36. We hope we can settle any complaints amicably. If you do have a complaint, please tell the tour representative/tour director concerned at the earliest opportunity and they will do their utmost to resolve the matter. 

  37. Responsibility
  38. As a participant on the tour, you acknowledge that travel to INDIA requires a degree of flexibility and you understand that hotels, accommodation and other travel arrangements are subject to change. The Company endeavors to ensure that all services and facilities are provided with reasonable care and skill, and we are responsible for the proper performance of our obligations under the contract. Any arrangements you make independently of the Company are entirely at your own risk. 

  39. Unused tour items
  40. No refund will be made for any unused accommodations, missed seminars, missed meals, transportation segments, sightseeing tour or any other service. Such unuseditems are neither refundable nor exchangeable. 

  41. Refusal of carriage
  42. The Company retains the right to remove participants from the tours for reasons that impact on the enjoyment or safety of other tour members, such as, but not limited to, medical or mental inability of participants to undertake the arrangements of the tour, unsocial or unruly behavior, or the carriage of prohibitedsubstances and materials. 

  43. Tour Authority
  44. The tour leader/tour director will direct your tour. You must comply at all times with the laws, customs and drug regulations of INDIA. This is best achieved by following the guidelines of your escort for health and safety reasons. Any member of the Company team will hold the authority and will be eligible to take decision that benefits the group or the tour. 

  45. Disclaimer
  46. It is a pre-requisite of acceptance of booking and travelling with Saffron Earth Pvt. Ltd. that all participants remove any form of responsibility from the Company and its staff inthe event of personal accident or injury. 

  47. Hotel description, maps & pictures
  48. Hotel descriptions featured in the brochures, website or any other documents are based on hotel guides provided by suppliers and contractual agreements. Any facilities described are subject to change at any time. 

    You are required to abide by the check-in and check-out time of the respective hotel, as applicable. While the Company may assist you in working with the relevant hotel to try to accommodate an early check-in or a late check-out, in the event any charges are levied due to such early check-in or late check-out, 
    Maps and photographs are included for general information only and may not necessarily reflect actual routings, locations or services. The Company has made reasonable enquiries to verify that the description and details are accurate but does not warrant that they are. 

  49. Liability
  50. We will not be responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss (including loss of possessions or enjoyment), damage, expense, cost or other sum or claim of any nature whatsoever which results from any of the following: 

    (1) the act(s) and/or omission(s) of the person(s) affected or any member(s) of their party or 
    (2) the act(s) and/or omission(s) of a third party not connected with the provision of your tour ad which unforeseeable or unavoidable or 
    (3) force majeure. We do not accept responsibility for any services that do not form part of our contract. This includes, for example, any additional services or facilities to provide for you where the services or facilities that your hotel or any other supplier agrees to provide to you where the services or facilities are not advertised in our brochure or on our website as forming part of the tour and we have not agreed to arrange them as part of our contract, and any excursion/activities you purchasewhile away. 

    In addition, regardless of any wording used by us on ourwebsite, in any of our brochure or elsewhere, we only promise to use reasonable skill and care as set out above and we do not have any greater or different liability to you. 

  51. Meals
  52. All meals provided throughout the tour will be vegetarian. Incase you need Special dietary meal; you need to inform during booking. The Company will try to arrange for specific requirements for meals, however we do not promise or assure to arrange for it at all times. Meals could be based on a-la-carte fixed menu at the hotels. Meals will be provided as specified in the detailed tour itinerary. 

  53. Code of Conduct
  54. You are expected to conduct yourself and your activities professionally, ethically, responsibly and respectfully at all times, and in a manner that protects your own health and safety, and that of others. You are not to be under the influence of, or carry with you, alcohol, drugs or any other nonprescribed substance or medication. You shall not engage in bullying, harassing or any discriminatory practice against other students and/or management. 

    You are expected to abide by the above while on tour in India. On a failure to do so, management reserves the right to suspend you, cancel your registration and/or take any other action as it may deem fit, without any refund of the fees.